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All About The Williams GirlZ

Introducing: The Williams GirlZ

The Williams Girlz (WG) are 6 sisters, all born in the city of Columbus, Georgia and are the proud Parents of Michael and Shammanee Williams. Trinity 18 years old, Destiny 17 years old, Charity 16 years old, Faith 14 years old, Precious 12 years old and Miracle 8 years old – all love God and were raised in the church singing His praise. 


The Girlz are multi-talented and enjoy a wide-range of creative and artistic expressions in addition to singing, such as: dancing, art, acting, and writing music. God has blessed the sisters with talents and they are in return blessing the world with spiritually uplifting music.  

The six sisters have performed in churches, special events, concerts, and outdoor celebrations. We believe God anointed the girls at birth for his good will and his pleasure. They have accomplished so much at their young age including having a keen ear to hear music and notes, sing on pitch and they have even had the opportunity to train other young and older people to sing.  The WG are also self-taught instrumentalists - which is a unique gifting from God.  

The Williams Girls have ministered on platforms with many other anointed Gospel Artists such as, Jekalyn Carr, Robert Hawkins, Kountry Wayne, Prodigy, Damion Murrill and Siloam and Dr. Betty Nelson.  The Williams Girlz have also met great Artist and Actors such as: the late Tommy Ford from the sitcom “Martin”, Mrs. Erica Campbell from “Mary Mary” The Anointed Pace Sisters, Signature, Jermaine Dolly, GI, Demetria McKinney (“Tyler Perry’s “Why did I get Married”) and many more.   

The WG released their debut single “Rising Up To You” in July of 2017, which aired on WEAM Praise 100.7 and WFXE Foxie 105.  We anticipate their first album in 2022 date TBD, but we know, the best is yet to come for the Girlz!


We appreciate your support and your prayers as the Williams Girlz move the world through music!  

"The Williams GirlZ represent a musical time capsule containing the present and the future of gospel music...young girls, with old souls and a new sound!"
- N. Walker Jones
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